Ministerial Experience

Ministerial Experience:

Rich experience and noted contributions as Union Minster of State for 9 years under Prime Ministers Sri. Rajiv Gandhi and Sri. P.V. Narasimha Rao.

Rajiv Gandhi Ministry

1985 – 87 Family Welfare

Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi‟s

Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi‟s first exclusive Minister for Family Welfare.

Brought to bear firsthand knowledge

Brought to bear firsthand knowledge and practical expertise in the field of Family Planning and Welfare.

Provided a rare insight and purposeful direction

Provided a rare insight and purposeful direction to this work of prime national importance and formulated a new comprehensive strategy for the National Family Programme. Set up all time records in the national achievements under the programme.

1987 – 88 Textiles

Launched new welfare programmes

Launched new welfare programmes for handicraft artisans and handloom workers.

Spear headed the launching

Spear headed the launching of the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, now a world leader in the field.

New programmes

New programmes in Cotton exports, Coir and Jute development.

1988 – 89 Information and Broadcasting

All India Radio (AIR)

Was instrumental in expanding the infrastructure of All India Radio (AIR) and Dooradarshan – the National Television Service in India through building infrastructure across the country and qualitatively improving the work of national media. Noted for his contribution in making Kerala the first state in India in total TV coverage and universalising Malayalam programmes.

Narasimha Rao Ministry

1991 – 93 Petroleum and Defence (Concurrently)

Formulated new National Petroleum Policy

Formulated new National Petroleum Policy. Privatization and joint ventures launched in Oil & Natural Gas sector in exploration, production, refining and distribution.

Key actor in formulation

Key actor in formulation of India‟s defence policies and programmes. Gave a new direction to optimal capacity utilization of Ordnance Factories and encouraged R&D activities with emphasis towards greater indigenisation. Was also in charge of Defence Research & Development.

1993 – 96 Non Conventional Energy Sources and Agriculture (Concurrently)

Gave a signal thrust

Gave a signal thrust to renewable energy sector through a new master plan and imaginative programmes. Achieved historic progress in wind, solar and other new energy sectors taking India to the fore front in alternate energy.

Took new initiatives in Agricultural Production and Research

Took new initiatives in Agricultural Production and Research. Founded the „Small Farmers Business Consortium‟. In charge of India‟s Agro Exports which witnessed galloping growth during his tenure.